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OPRO Manufacturing

No matter what your size, we’ve got a business management solution to scale with your operational needs and budget today, and to grow with your business tomorrow. ORYXONLINE has made this degree of scalability possible with a comprehensive modular system built around the OPRO Production Modules. Each module is focused on a different aspect of a typical manufacturing operation.

Why you need it ?

Manufacturing companies struggle to operate efficiently when data is scattered across the organization and critical processes are disconnected. OPRO is ERP software for manufacturers, enabling you to tie your business operations together in one system with centralized data.

Manage work order execution

Bring order to just about any industrial operation – from localized production cells to full-scale enterprise integration. Replace disparate applications or manual methods with a single, easy-to-use work order execution engine. Your teams can access job schedules, bills of materials, product specifications, work instructions, inventory utilization, product genealogy, material traceability and all other key production elements - in action, in consort and in context.

Best Practices Made Better

Timely and detailed production information enables production teams to measure line performance and refine to perfection. Armed with this information, plant managers can guide their team towards more productive, best operating practices to drive higher levels of plant performance.


Empower your team with quick access to real-time data and the tools you need to support business growth, departmental integration, communication and traceability.

Lead management features help grow your clientele while call management features improve your communication, and service.

  • Workflow management tools
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Order management capabilities
  • Order explorer tracks all details
  • Order activity graphing enables sales leaders
  • Analyze sales performance
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