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Network Solutions

ITS has been helping customers increase profits, decrease expenses, and mitigate risk for the past years. We work hard to increase our client's productivity and revenues by addressing the gaps in their current communication infrastructure and company procedures. IT Solutions takes great pride in introducing the right technology to our clients while factoring their specific environmental needs and budgetary restraints into the equation.

Improve Performance

IT Solutions produce solutions that help network managers to monitor their network traffic, and in turn determine where any problems may lie, or how to improve performance. IT Solutions provide users with the multi-dimensional visibility, intelligence, and insight needed to efficiently manage physical and virtual networks and profitably deliver optimum service levels, transition to new technologies, and identify new revenue opportunities.  The company’s solutions enable the highest quality subscriber experience at all times by helping successfully deploy and maintain communications networks, applications and services and proactively optimise performance across the ecosystem.

Greater innovation

ITS has been helping customers to find a way to consistently improve performance across the network environment, scale to meet demand, and upgrade to the latest technologies. All, while driving greater innovation, customer satisfaction, and profitability.

Our Data Center Department provides innovative Next Generation Technology Solutions for IT Infrastructure Management Solutions.

Our Consulting Team design the cooling and power requirements for data centers from small to Enterprise Datacenters. Our solution includes but not limited to:

  • Cooling Systems (A/C)
  • Power systems (UPS)
  • Environmental Monitoring Systems
  • Fire systems
  • Security (Access control and CCTV monitoring)
  • Generator

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